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Causes of NHL are not yet completely clear, but some prurito dopo sex drugs that seem to increase the risk of developing the disease have been identified:.

Altri sintomi riconducibili al LNH possono variare a seconda della sede interessata dalla patologia:. Seppur meno specifici, non vanno trascurati anche sintomi coma la stanchezza e la mancanza di appetito.

Knowing how much the disease has spread within the body is essential in order to choose the most appropriate treatment. The International Prognostic Index IPI is also often used for the assessment of NHL; this is based on the subdivision into stages and on five criteria: age, stage of the disease, extension of the disease outside the lymphatic system, performance status ability to perform daily activities and level of lactate dehydrogenase high levels of this enzyme in the blood are associated with the presence of tissue and cell damage.

In the presence of symptoms that prurito dopo sex drugs lead to suspicion of NHL, it is essential to speak to a doctor who, after a thorough clinical assessment, will perform a visit to check for the presence of the typical signs of the disease and will prescribe in-depth examinations if they are deemed as necessary. A prurito dopo sex drugs will be required to confirm the diagnosis; this will consist of the removal of a lymph node and part of the suspect mass for microscopic analysis.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient should undergo further examinations, a positron prurito dopo sex drugs tomography PET and a CT scan PET-TCin order to determine the exact severity of the disease and the parts of the body affected. The pathology can not be prevented. It is recommended to avoid exposure to known risk factors Epstein-Barr virus, HIV, chemicals, radiation and in general to risk factors common to different types of cancer such as obesity.

The choice of treatment will be made on the basis of the evaluation of the stage of development of the diseasethe type of lymphomathe age of the patient and his or her overall health conditions. Treatment options include surgeryalthough rarely prurito dopo sex drugs, chemotherapywith different combinations of drugs, and radiotherapy.

The latter can be used alone or in combination as appropriate. In addition, specific monoclonal antibodies which can bind with radioactive molecules that release radiation at the level of the diseased cell are used.

In the case of non-response to treatment or recurrence after initial therapy, autologous with cells taken from the same patient or allogeneic with cells from a compatible donor stem cell transplant can be used. Istituto Gentili S. Toggle navigation. Oncologia Oncology. Aetiology and risk factors. Causes of NHL are not yet completely clear, but some factors that seem to increase the risk of developing the disease have been identified: non-modifiable factors: age and sex.

The disease is more common among adults, especially after the age of 65, and affects men more than women. Modifiable factors: exposure to radiation and chemotherapy agents used in previous medical treatments and chemicals such as insecticides, prurito dopo sex drugs, ionizing radiation.

Stages of the disease. Four stages of NHL are identified, indicated with Roman numerals I, II, III and IVthrough which the following are evaluated: prurito dopo sex drugs of lymph nodes involved; sites of the disease; presence or absence of generic symptoms such as fever, weight loss and night sweats. Tumore del seno. Linfoma non Hodgkin. Linfoma follicolare.

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