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Top 10 Totally Unrealistic Sex Scenes in Movies (Mature)

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Search This Blog. Thursday, 7 November Punishment Series 9 — Penny. From Janus Penny, who starred in Independent Values in our last issue, was born in Nigeria and came to Britain as a teenager. She is now 22 and lives in London. Although she was brought up in a culture where CP is far more prevalent, she never received physical chastisement, either at home or at school. And when a suitable opportunity presented itself, she seized it zestfully, cane Sex posa is her wont…. I said I was interested and he said that cane Sex posa knew somebody who would spank me, a friend of his.

He gave me his number and I went down there. So he asked me to lie flat over his lap and he gave me a spanking there. I was fully clothed. He told me to tell him how hard I wanted it. By this time my knickers were down, and the spanks started to get harder.

It turned me on and I got sexually excited. Cane Sex posa carried on spanking me and it started to really hurt. It lasted for about two hours. We did have little breaks where we would smoke, drink and talk. We were talking about my new experience and how I felt being spanked for the first time.

Did you cry? After a week he did call and I went back to him, in cane Sex posa office cane Sex posa everyone else had gone home. The second time I had a bit of hand-spanking and a bit of the cane Sex posa. It does sting. It hurts too much in one place, but I prefer the spread-out tingling from spanking. Hand-spanking is the thing for me! I like the sting. What I like most of all is the contrast of the hands and my bare bottom. I also like being stroked after each spanking, in between the spanks.

I cane Sex posa looking forward to the spanking and the photography together. Apart from getting spanked in front of the camera, which really turned me on, the atmosphere was great and I enjoyed it. JANUS: Did you prefer your private spankings from the man who initiated you, or the photographic cane Sex posa where there were other people around?

My feelings were much stronger then. JANUS: Can you imagine being on a stage in front of an audience of people in dinner jackets who had come to watch you being spanked under floodlights? Would that be a fantasy? I like spanking and I like sexual domination. I love the guy to dominate me. When cane Sex posa love I like him to dominate me. I like him to tell me what to do and how to pose, and to order me around.

I would like him to be very strong with me but not frightening, in a very loving atmosphere. In making love, that would turn me on tremendously. I love cane Sex posa feeling of it. JANUS: Would the best thing for you be to be spanked in a sexual situation where you are being completely dominated? The very idea makes me feel alive and very feminine. Labels: InterviewJanus. Wednesday, 6 November Sophie Fennington Interviews — part 1.

After featuring the Janus interview with Sophie Fennington recently, here is a video interview with her including clips from her films. To be posted in two parts. Review from spankingfilmreview. We commend this film for those who relish vintage British spanking. Actress Sophie Fennington, an early CP queen and one of the first to create identity and brand, appeared in about 10 films, most of which we have found, cherish, and will cane Sex posa and review here.

Ms Fennington cane Sex posa a thin, pale-eyed blonde, with a Waterford crystal British accent, which suggests this interview could have played on BBC, except for its subject matter.

She does not mention much about her business cane Sex posa. There are indications of her directing and producing films in a number of sources. This film was meant to excite cane Sex posa by watching a pretty girl discuss getting spanked. Sophie wears a blue top and cane Sex posa denim shorts and sits in a rocking chair on a simple set. She is kept full screen, the male interviewer is off-camera, and the camera angle is slightly from below, so that her bare legs are the centrepiece.

Barely one minute into the interview, the male interviewer asks her about her first spanking. She laughs in mocking surprise. She talks about her first school spankings. The interviewer wants the salacious details, because we do. Bare bottom? How many strokes, etc. She describes her stubborn pride, enjoying spanking and accepting the challenge of a high pain threshold. She teased her husband-to-be Christian so as to earn spankings.

Christian wants to market her in the CP world and cane Sex posa photos to Janus magazine, which are published. Research finds references to issues 53 and 54, back-in-the-day.

They chat about her films. Cute stuff, the idea of Sophie quivering under the cane. Big cane Sex posa would wobble. The discussion of Lisa Must Be Caned is worth hearing, then seeing the film. It is a film we would list in our Top, and we will post a review. Next is Corrective Therapy Trilogywhere she played a thin and spankable little nurse caught stealing. To be continued next week…. Part Labels: Sophie FenningtonVideo.

Tuesday, 5 November Assignment. By Anthony Vallance from Februs 3. Felicity arrived promptly at three that afternoon, just cane Sex posa had been agreed previously. She was good like that, Clive could not fault her there. In many ways she had been the perfect secretary: attentive, hard-working, punctual, very good at her job in every conceivable way. Perhaps that should have been a clue, the fact that she was so perfect in every respect….

She was wearing a smart business suit of short skirt, white blouse and matching jacket. The eye was drawn naturally cane Sex posa her, to her long silky smooth legs, the pale tan of her flesh contrasting to the darkness of her clothes.

She liked to look good, that was obvious and as always she had done a perfect job. He cane Sex posa her the way through the house and up the stairs to his office, aware of the way she was looking round with unconcealed interest. The office was the largest room in the house, on the first floor overlooking the garden, and beyond that the woods. Though functional it was a bit more relaxed than his other office, though it was still a working office and not a den for him to hide away in.

Her long blonde hair caught the light, golden curls cascading over her shoulders, lighting cane Sex posa her eyes and face. He left her at the desk, leaning over cane Sex posa switch the computer on.

Her short skirt revealed much of her long thighs and the way she moved, slow and sinuous, only accentuated the fact. She had never looked so beautiful, the streaming sunlight heightened it, and the severe cut of her suit added to it too. There was no point rushing and he settled back against the counter as the aroma of fresh coffee wafted around him. It gave him to time to think, to ponder on what to do next.

And her choice of outfit was designed to allure, she was sending all the right signals. In the past she had worn skirts inches shorter than the one she was wearing now, and worn blouses cane Sex posa exposed the firm bulge of her breasts.

Her eyes sparkled when they spoke, and she liked to lean across his desk in a manner that was painfully arousing sometimes. It was even Felicity who had suggested working together during the one weekend when his wife was away. Carefully carrying two mugs of coffee on a tray he made his way back up the stairs, heavy footfalls and heavenly smell of fresh coffee signalling his arrival.

She was at the desk, busy tapping at the keyboard. She turned and smiled to him, her jacket was draped cane Sex posa over the cane Sex posa of the chair, and she was perched on the very edge of the seat.