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The Assembly and Parliament had both agreed the other day that something should be done to take advantage of this, and had delegated full authority over the matter to the Speaker.

As such, he was about to have to handle the work of three people, not just one. After a brief conference with Ivan Blackstone, his military aide and chief field general, it had been decided that action sesso in Bogotol some sort was needed. At this time, it wasn't wise to attack the Capileans directly. Rather, the decision was to send in one of their men to begin feeding arms to rebels.

More specifically, they were going to send in the Order. The Order of the Scarlet Dawn was a sketchy group, even by the low standards of the Topkekkian government. They operated fairly independently from any government intervention. Despite this, when given a mission and sufficient funding, they got their job done with little trace of their intervention. In fact, one of their men, Roman, was already on his way to Raus to speak with the leaders of the sesso in Bogotol.

It was going to be an interesting op; the news showed that the city was still sesso in Bogotol itself apart. And the Topkekkians intended to further that. Coast of Capile Korschevadyne Industries cargo vessel January 4 The cargo ship slowly chugged along, passing near to Capile on a regular trade mission. Leave Karelinovska, travel past Capile, unload goods in South Africa, load raw materials, return to Karelinovska, unload goods, load on new goods, repeat.

The cargo load this time was quite normal, for the most part. Military arms for their buyers in Africa, free space for the copper and steel they would pick up. These were normal. What sesso in Bogotol not normal was the man who had came along with the cargo this time, nor was the submersible he brought aboard.

He wouldn't give the crew so much as a name, often just staring out to sea and smoking sesso in Bogotol as time passed. About three days into their journey, they found him in a wetsuit, pushing his submersible off the side, and diving overboard after it.

Quite strange, by anyone's standards. But no one there really cared much. This wasn't the first time that the government interfered in their business slightly. What irked them mostly was that they couldn't do much about it, since the government owned the company.

Well, at least the weird guy was gone. And so the trade continued. They had bored expressions on their faces. Some brigadier general, irrelevant compared to the importance of the other occupants of the room, was presenting the daily report on regional events. Hans has lived for a bit too long. Because of some rioting peasants? The brigadier general gave a cough. As long as they, or anyone else, don't end up setting shop in our spheres of influence, it's fine.

It's just an excuse to topple the government. Just make sure they don't get sesso in Bogotol close to us. Recent news of the communist rebellion in Raus had caused an uproar in the Aterrian Congress, and representatives were eager to take advantage of the situation. Being a socialist nation itself, Aterria had sesso in Bogotol founded upon bloody revolution, and although the old Socialist govt.

For far too long has Nova Capile been oppressing the proletariat, sesso in Bogotol is now the time to strike! They are suffering from many internal issues, and our soldiers yearn for battle!! We must liberate their people!! As the meeting went on, ideas were thrown to and fro by the many representatives. Eventually, it was agreed upon that Aterria would unofficially declare war on Nova Capile. Aterria is declaring war on the imperialist sesso in Bogotol, and we would like to hear your regards to the coming storm.

If any of you are following a similar path, we would be more than glad to collaborate. May we assist them? We must help our comrades near and far in estrablishing the government the people truly need and want. We cannot allow it to fail" After a short time of deliberation, they came back "your proposal passes, comrade president.

I will inform the high command of this decision at once! Within the hour, it was official. Crysuko was going to war. Omesk house, seat of Crysukon army high commandlater that day "Comrades, it will take several days for the army and other branches to assemble and organise but in this time, I propose sesso in Bogotol you an idea for how we invade.

Intelligence has identified where the communist rebels are sesso in Bogotol, and I propose we launch our assaults there" He turned on the projector in the room, showing the following image. Xilonite wrote : cookies are heresy.

Kelinfort wrote : Ethel mermania wrote : A terrorist attack on a sesso in Bogotol center doesn't make a lot of sense, unless to show no one is safe. This will sesso in Bogotol some time to figure out, i am afraid. Sesso in Bogotol wrote : Welp let's hope armies of 10 million don't just roam around and Soviet their way through everything. Dumb Ideologies wrote : Much better than the kulak smoothies.

Their texture was suspiciously grainy. The Minister of Foreign Affairs was currently reading the 'Priority' news feed. This feed consisted of the most important national and international news hand picked by his assistants and other employees.

Sesso in Bogotol news of the Communist rebellion was very, very shocking to him. He had not expected such disorder and unrest in a country such as Nova Capile. The place was viewed as very stable, with the government at minimal risk of being overthrown in the forseeable future. Obviously, those estimates would now have to be adjusted and recalculated. Eventually, he said "Hmm. This could end very badly - we're very much allied with Nova Capile and I would not like to see either the country or it's leaders come to any harm.

Inform the Regent while I contact them, please? Better issue a condemnation too. Official Press Release: Let it be known that the government of the New Mushroom Kingdom strongly condemns the illegitimate unrest and rebellion sesso in Bogotol Nova Capile.

The citizens should follow the sesso in Bogotol government in power, not overthrow it. It has recently come to my attention that certain areas and groups of your country have been causing some unrest and rebellion. As you are allies and very much ideologically aligned with us, do you need any assistance or help quelling this issue at the present time?

I understand that the illness of the Grand Duke and the global political situation is not at it's best right now, so if you do ever need any assistance we will be extremely glad to help if you just ask.

Foreign invasions, colonial rebellions, and even civil wars. They have been criticized by almost all of the world's powers for imperialism and totalitarianism- and indeed those are accusations are true.

Citizens who contradict the government disappear overnight. The nation has even been accused of being racist and operating under Nazism. And its citizens have been indoctrinated to serve their country, their Duke, above all else. Over the years the Duchy has acquired a large number of enemies, be they communist, democratic, or whatever else. And now it may be their time to strike. The Sesso in Bogotol is at its weakest.

A recent downturn in the economy has ground the sprawling industries of Nova Capile to a halt. Colonial regions are as rebellious as ever, spurred on by the temporary success of Ethiopian radicals just months before. His apparent successor, Crown Prince Klaus, is timid, insecure, and disliked. And separatist groups, quiet since sesso in Bogotol end of the Capilean Civil War, are gathering.

The sesso in Bogotol last Capilean Communists, thought to have been pushed to extinction, now meet to discuss an uprising. Ethnic tensions have pushed for large rallies in the North-East by the French and in the East by the Dutch. And the Capilean War Machine has been bloodied by heavy losses in many spontaneous wars. So, will the enemies of the faltering Duchy unite against it to bring the last great imperialists from the world?

Will aspiring countries sweep in while they have the chance and claim Nova Sesso in Bogotol colonies? Or will the Duchy be allowed to recover and finish on its race sesso in Bogotol world superpower? Perhaps you will even aid them. You decide. Be they Communist, Republican, or otherwise, they descend on the once proud nation, which now prepares sesso in Bogotol defend its very homeland.

Now, massed to land for the first time in history on Capilean territory, the enemy states are preparing to face a population of a billion which will fight to the death for their leader