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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. This book is an attempt to produce a practical manual for students that desire to gain access to Norwegian literature.

It is designed not only for the class-room, but also to meet the demands of Americans endeavoring by means of self- instruction to acquire a knowledge of the language, and, furthermore, to serve as a guide to that increasingly large number of persons of Norwegian parentage, who, having some knowledge of spoken Norwegian, desire to know some- thing of Norwegian literature.

The wants of these various classes are somewhat different, it is true, and the effort to satisfy them within the limits of one moderate-sized volume has presented many difficulties. Omissions and eliminations have been necessary. No doubt some will feel that the book should have contained Video live per 8let series of exercises Video live per 8let translation into Norwegian. The space devoted to the Reader, Video live per 8let and Vocabulary has prohibited this, in conformity with the essen- tial idea of the book, that of being an introduction to the literature of Norway.

But the Grammar does contain a large number of carefully translated illustrative sentences, which, to the skillful instructor, and even to the eager student, may serve the purpose of the more formal exercises; for they have been chosen with the double view of laying something of a foundation for a speaking knowledge of the language, and of giving the beginner some familiarity with the essentials of the language before attempting the Reader, especially if he does not have the assistance of an instructor.

The aim has been to make them of such a nature as to engage the heart as well as the head of the learner, that he may be led to peruse them as literature, and not merely as reading exercises. The first selections will be found to be comparatively easy; the last are of sufficient difficulty so that the student who has mastered them may feel that he is prepared to read any modem Norwegian or Danish author.

These are easy and interesting, and contain constantly recurring words and phrases that are an encouragement in the first efforts at trans- lation.

The Notes Video live per 8let intended to give adequate explanations of the more difficult passages in the text, and the necessary liter- ary and historical information for a due appreciation of the selections in the Reader.

It is Video live per 8let hoped that they may incite Video live per 8let student to seek beyond the limits of this book for a further acquaintance with the authors represented. The Vocabulary does not aim to give complete definitions, but only such meanings as occur in the Reader.

In connec- tion with the list of verbs and the cross-references to the Grammar, the Vocabulary will be found sufficiently full and complete so that the laborious and perplexing task of using an independent dictionary may Video live per 8let obviated.

In the preparation of the Grammar I have been under special obligations to Hofgaard's ''Norsk Grammatik" and Poestion's "Lehrbuch der norwegischen Sprache. See Notes, p. Although the common literary language of Norway is Danish in its gen- eral structure, it nevertheless presents numerous dififerences in pronunciation, vocabulary and grammatical details.

The literary activity that Norway has experienced, especially dur- ing the last forty years, has developed many peculiarities of language quite foreign to Danishl Norway has numerous vigorous dialects from which modem authors have drawn pithy words and happy turns of phrase.

The language, like its literature, is instinct with modemness. Madison, Wis. Ellipsis Pancttiation, II. Rbadxr — X.

Per og Paal og Esben Askelad, Moe, 3. Den norske Sonde, Zetlitx, 4. Oyvinds Sang BjSmson, 5. Gadbrand Video live per 8let Lien, Ved Aarskiftet, Bull, 7. Faedrelandssang, Bjlfmson, 9. Agnes, Ibsettt zz. Sankt Matthaeas's Evangelinm, Z59 Z2. BjSmson, Z67 z6. Haakon Haakonson som Konge, JCeyser, z68 Z7. Kong Haakons Gildehal Ibsen, Z69 z8. Dalvise, IVergeland, Z70 Over de hOie Fjelde, Bjdmson, Z74 2z.

Bergliot Bjffmsou, Z79 Hansteen og Abel Foulsen, Z83 Elsk din Naeste Bjdrmon, Z84 Til Ole Bull, Welhaven, Z Peter Andreas Mnnch, Eriksen, z86 Vivil—miditch, Z94 Solveigs Sang, Ibsen, 20Z 3z.

Ungbirken, Moe, Balstemning, Kielland, Til min Gyldenlak, Wergeland, 2zz Til dem, som Video live per 8let, naar de knnde vaere glade, Collin, 2ZX Blind-Anne, Mae, 2x7 For Bjdrastjeme BjOrnson Randers, Bylgja, Lit, Kunsten og Moralen, Collin, S. I Rosenlund under Sagas Hal. Welhaven, Indledning til den norrdne Literatur. Jager, Island, Munch, Vikingetidens Sedelaere, Overland, Dei vil altid klaga og kyta, Aasen, Forfedeme, Vinje, Vaardag, Garborg, Vocabulary, V.

List or Strong, Mizbd and Irrbgular Vbrbs. In Norwegian both the German and the Roman characters are used. The former, however, are gradually yielding to the latter. The letters of the alphabet are as follows : — Roman.

If these English sounds be graphically represented by curves, the Norwegian sounds will be represented by straight lines. They take their names from their simplest Video live per 8let. Formerly capital letters, besides being used, as in English, at the beginning of a sentence, etc. The official orthography of Norway and Denmark, as at present taught in the public schools, uses capital letters only at the beginning of a sentence, in the second personal pro- nouns I, De, Deiti, you, and the possessive adjective Deres, yours, and in proper names; but not in titles, nor in the names of the months or days of the week.

But many writers, especially in newspapers, do not follow the official orthography. On account of the numerous variations, rules relating to accent, except those Video live per 8let the most general kind, are of but little assistance to the beginner. The distinction between long and short vowels must be learned chiefly by practice, but the following observations will be found useful.

B and Video live per 8let are treated together, because their values exactly correspond. These are: i The closed sound, long, which is like English a in 'lay' without its vanish- ing or diphthongal quality.

Unaccented e, when final, is very short, and before liquids Ifm,nf r in final syllables is practically suppressed. In words where r is an inflectional or tense ending, and in foreign words, e and ee do not have this broad sound, but follow the general rule; that is, are long or short, according to their position.

C There are exceptions to the general rules in regard to the pronunciation of e and ce. In fact, the pronunciation of them not only is different in Denmark and Norway, but varies in different parts of Norway.